Luggage of Refugees

Stormy Love

Waiting for the Miracle

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“Baby, I’ve been waiting,
I’ve been waiting night and day.
I didn’t see the time,
I waited half my life away.
There were lots of invitations
and I know you sent me some,
but I was waiting
for the miracle, for the miracle to come.
I know you really loved me.
but, you see, my hands were tied.
I know it must have hurt you,
it must have hurt your pride
to have to stand beneath my window
with your bugle and your drum,
and me I’m up there waiting
for the miracle, for the miracle to come.”

-Leonard Cohen

Talk to the paw!

Aren’t we all black under the stars?

On a Frozen Lake

The Philosopher

Anja Franck


Walking down my old childhood neigbourhood. Feeling small. Feeling like watching everything from a different age. Time passes by…
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My Hometown